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High-Precision Alginate with Alginplus Tropical Chromatic Phase Indicator.

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    Features of Alginplus Tropical: Colour: yellow. Taste: tutti-fruti. Innovative and advanced formula for tropical climates and hot environments. The chromatic indication of the work phases allows for easier and more precise results. Dust-free for safer, hygienic and easy-to-clean work. Increased elasticity and tear resistance. Stabilized hypoallergenic formula. Quick setting to achieve a cohesive, plastic mixture, becoming easy to spatula. High biocompatibility. Lead- and cadmium-free. Compatible with any type of plaster, whether natural or synthetic. Excellent compressive strength and deformation recovery. It expires after 6 years

    High precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator. Innovative advanced formula for tropical climates and hot environments. Extremely refined formulation.

    Adjustment time: Mix: 35" Work: 1'20". Appetizer (minimum): 40". Initial setting: 1'20". Total set-up time: 2'00". Contents: 453 g pack of Alginplus Tropical.

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