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Featured Products

"Introducing our top-notch dental products! Our featured collection is carefully curated to bring you the best in oral care. From whitening kits to electric toothbrushes, we've got everything you need to maintain a healthy and dazzling smile. Check out our featured products and experience the difference today!"

Calcipaste Syringes


Glass Ionomer Cement-Restorative

Zinc Phosphate Cement

K-Fill Nanohybrid Light Cure Composite



GC Fuji 1

Linadol mouthwash

Halidox mouthwash

Linadox Lemon Liquid Soap

Linadox multipurpose Liquid Soap

Events And Awards

""Step into the spotlight and celebrate the incredible achievements and memorable events that have shaped your journey. From prestigious awards to unforgettable moments, this section is a testament to your talent, dedication, and the impact you've made. Keep shining bright and inspiring others!"

Ghana industrial and manufacturing Award Dr Said Baroudi CEO of Adam Dental receiving award from her Honorable of High Commissioner fo Pakistan Madam Farhat Ayesha

9th Feminne Ghana Achevement awards Rania Baroudi MD of Adam Dental receiving award from   her Honorable of High Commissioner  fo Pakistan Madam Farhat Ayesha

Adam Dental Implantology course in Accra licensed by Multy system Dental Implant - Italy

Representation in 37 Military Hospital

5th Ghana Industry CEO Awards 2022

Ghana Dental Association Conferance 2022